If you are a member of the Community Bible Church family and have sustained property damage from Hurricane Irma, or if you would like to volunteer to help in our relief efforts please visit our Hurricane Irma page.

Irma Damage

A message from Pastor Bob on Hurricane Irma

Thankfully, everything is intact at the church. We do have branches and limbs down and have a lot of cleanup. We will begin cleaning up around the church some time Wednesday. Please watch our page here as to the time.

We want you to make sure that your homes are taken care of and secured first. Additionally, please message us here for the time being if you should need some help clearing things at your house. We are assembling volunteers today and tomorrow. ~ Pastor Bob

Welcome to Our Community

At Community Bible Church of Dania Beach, we help each other through the hard times and through the day-to-day things. We celebrate each other, our community and God. Visit our About CBC page to learn more about us.

New Here?

We’re not like a lot of churches. We don’t care where you’re coming from or where you’ve been. We want to know where you’re going and what you’re seeking. We want to help you find what you’re looking for. Come join us, your community of fellow seekers. Let’s help each other find the answers and find God.

“Coming Together as a Community to Find the Answers”

Academy at Griffin Harbor

At Community Bible Church, we’ve been educating and caring for our community’s children for 45 years. Our preschool curriculum helps kids grow and gets them ready for kindergarten. For more information, visit the Academy at Griffin Harbor page.